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Authorization for a Document Review Service in British Columbia

 Document reviews are $459.00 + GST (total $481.95)

 Payment of the Document Review Service serves as agreement of the Acknowledgement and Understanding to proceed.

 Payments are processed under CondoFirstReview Ltd.

  PLEASE NOTE:  CondoFirstReview Ltd. cannot proceed with a Review until payment and all required documents are received.

“A copy of the Review will be sent to the client Realtor unless otherwise specified”

We also Accept Email Transfers


The client acknowledges and understands that the purpose of this Review is to conduct an financial analysis of the contributions to the Contingency Reserve Fund and its future funding from the documents and information provided to CondoFirstReview Ltd.


  • The CondoFirstReview Ltd. Document Review Service does not include a physical inspection of the Condominium site.

  • The Review Summary is based on documents provided to CondoFirstReview Ltd. by the party ordering the Review and therefore CondoFirstReview Ltd. assumes no liability for reliance by the client’s delivery of the information provided, or not provided or for the conclusions that result from examining the documents.

  • The Review is for general information purposes only, and does not constitute a guarantee by CondoFirstReview Ltd. 

  • The client acknowledges that the Review provided by CondoFirstReview Ltd. is not a substitute for a legal review.  It is recommended that the client provide a copy of the review to their lawyer together with all other purchase/sale documents.

  • The authorization for Document Review Service includes the rights and interests created by this Document Review Service and Summary provided by CondoFirstReview Ltd. for the client and may not be assigned or transferred by the client to a third party or be used by a third party, other than the client, without the prior written consent of CondoFirstReview Ltd.

  • The liability for any claim to any and or all the directors, officers, consultants under contract and employees of CondoFirstReview Ltd. for related professional services provided in the Document Review Summary including negligent representation and or civil claim, shall be strictly limited to the amount of the fee charged by CondoFirstReview Ltd. for the services rendered.  The client agrees to accept a refund of the fee as full and final satisfaction of any claims that they may have against CondoFirstReview Ltd. summary and comments contained within this Review are in no way, to be considered, or interpreted as a legal opinion, or viability of a purchase or opinion of value. CondoFirstReview Ltd. has no vested interest in the facts or information recorded in this Review or its’ outcome and makes no recommendation regarding the purchase or sale of the condominium unit.

  • All information collected by CondoFirstReview Ltd. will form part of its database and will not be disclosed or distributed without written permission.

  • CondoFirstReview Ltd. will not discuss or provide information regarding a Client service, or their document Review, or any information discovered during a Review without prior written consent from the Client.

Condo First Review Ltd. is Alberta a based corporation since 2013. The document inspection service carries errors and omission insurance in Canada and USA. This specialized service provides a financial analysis of the contingency funds in reserve for the strata/condo corporation and its future funding.








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