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About Us

Located in Edmonton, Alberta CANADA

The Owners have over 45 years of combined experience in Resale, Conversions, New Developments and Commercial Condominiums. Reading  Condominium Documents can be an overwhelming task, shifting through hundreds of pages of documents in trying to understand what they all mean.

Our Review is in an easy to understand, short, but very informative summary of all the documents. The Review cuts through all the jargon by highlighting the potential issues that can be resolved before the purchase.      

The success of our service has brought an informative Review that provides the client with confidence to move forward with Peace of Mind.


Carol Malko


Carol Malko has over 10 years of experience in the Condominium Document Review Service and sold real estate for several years.


Carol published a New Home Development Guide that was distributed to more than 60,000 households and show-homes. The

David Malko

Vice President

David has over 35  years of  experience in Residential and Commercial real estate and has been a Broker/Owner of a franchised real estate office for a number of years.

He also was a partner in a development company that converted numerous hi-rise apartment buildings

guide offered the major developers a vehicle to showcase their developments with a city map and editorials.

Carol was involved in the many Condominium Conversions over the years in selling and leasing the units to investors and investment groups. 

and townhouse projects to Condominiums  He has been instrumental in the setting up the Condominium Corporations and has extensive knowledge on how they are operated. David's knowledge has been an asset in both training and assisting our consultant/analysts in completing our Reviews. 

David is also available to assist clients in understanding the Reviews. His experience and easy nature has been a great asset for the client to fully understand any questions that may arise.

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