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Authorization for a Document Review Service in Alberta

  Document reviews are $459.00 + GST (total $481.95)

Payment of the Document Review Service serves as agreement of the Acknowledgement and  understanding to proceed.

      Payments are processed under CondoFirstReview Ltd.

                PLEASE NOTE:  CondoFirstReview Ltd. cannot proceed with a Review until payment and all required documents are received.




  • CondoFirstReview Ltd. Document Inspection Service does not include a physical inspection of the Condominium site.

  • The authorization for the condominium document Inspection service includes the rights and interests created by CondoFirstReview Ltd. containing confidential information specifically for the Client as intended recipient. Therefore, copy or distribution to a third party of this Document Review is prohibited.

  • CondoFirstReview Ltd. cannot discuss the document review with anyone other than the Client as the intended recipient and/or an approved representative.

  • CondoFirstReview Ltd. has no vested interest in the facts or information recorded in this Review The documents provided by the Client and/or their representative is deemed reliable and is for general information purpose and therefore assumes no liability or guarantee from inspection of the documents and its conclusions by CondoFirstReview Ltd.

  • The summary and comments contained within this review are not to be interpreted as a substitute for a legal review or viability of a purchase or opinion of value.

  • It is recommended that the Client provide a copy of the review to their lawyer together with all other purchase/sale documents.









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