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It's EASY for you to order your review.

CONTACT:  Please contact Carol Malko for ANY questions or concerns regarding your review or the ordering process.  You can reach Carol by Text or Voice at 780-920-5552. Email Carol at

HERE IS WHERE TO SEND YOUR DOCUMENTS:  You can email a PDF copy of your documents to Carol Malko at

HOW DO YOU PAY:  In Hawaii we use PayPal as a payment method.  You can use this payment method  even if you do not have a PayPal account.  If you have a PayPal account you will be directed to the PayPal page and asked if you would like to use your PayPal balance or,  use your Credit Card.  If you do not have or do not wish to create a PayPal account, simply press the Pay with Credit Card Button.

COST:  The cost for a review in Hawaii is $399.00  plus General Excise Tax for a Total Cost of $417.80 USD



if your Condominium is part of a Master Community Association and you  may require an analysis. 

Master Community Association Analysis.   $199.00 (plus applicable taxes)

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