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The following is an outline of the required Strata/Condominium documents to be ordered to complete a review by CondoFirstReview.

Strata/Condominium Document List for Review of Resale Condominiums.

  • Offer to Purchase Contract

  • MLS Feature Sheet

  • Full year Strata Council Meeting Minutes

  • Annual/Special General Meetings

  • Information Certificate - Form "B" and attachments

  • Operating Budget for the Year

  • Depreciating Report & Contingency Reserve Fund Plan

  • Current Registered Bylaws

  • Year End Audited or Un-Audited Financial Statement

  • Current Balance Sheet

  • Copy of Registered Strata Plan

  • Schedule of Entitlement

  • Insurance Certificate

  • Management Contract

  • Special Levy/Assessment (if any)

  • Statement of Claim (if any)

  • Information Additional Fees (if any)

  • Building Warranties (if any)

  • Occupancy/Final Inspection Permits (if any)

  • Parking/Storage Agreements (if any)

  • Statement of Claim (if any)

  • Engineers/Tech Audit Reports (if any)

  • Newsletters 

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