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  • Email or deliver the documents to our office.  We inspect the documents and contact the management company for any missing items that may be available. Most often the information statement needs to be updated if it was ordered too early in the listing.  We email you and your representative as to what is missing from the package in a list format.  This will give time to get back to the Sellers Real Estate Agent to retrieve the items from the management company.

  • We will email the client an Authorization Form and they can call us anytime with payment.

  • At times we may have to order updated documents from land titles (Spin 2) that can be the condominium additional plan sheet  (CAD) and Plan and Registered Bylaws, if necessary.

  • When all the documents completed, it is forwarded to our team for Review. The review is completed within 2-3 days.  In this process the management company is contacted again by our team for any specific questions that may be required to complete the Review.

  • When Completed the Review is emailed to the client and a copy to the clients Real Estate Agent.  The client also receives the complete set of all documents by email.  The originals, if delivered are held for two weeks and shredded unless prior arrangements are made for pickup.


        The Review


        The Review is set up in "easy to read" format which includes an update of all important issues.  We do encourage the client to contact us if they have any additional questions or concerns.  It has been our experience that the clients are informed and relieved to finally understand how the corporation works and what to expect as new owners.


        Please call or email Carol at 780-920-5552 for any questions you may have.

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