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'The Most Comprehensive Review Available"
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Our Document Review has saved buyers $1000's !

The Purpose of our Document Inspection Service is to conduct a analysis of the Condo Fee contributions to the Reserve Fund to determine the Corporations Financial Future.

We guide our Clients through this process with information that may uncover details that can be resolved before they purchase with confidence and "PEACE OF MIND"

The Owners have over 45 years of combined experience in Resale, Conversions, New Developments, and Commercial Condominiums.  Condo Document Reviews "Is all that we do!"

The Condominium Document Review is outlined in an "Easy to Read" format. We employ "Highly Skilled" professional Consultants that provide "Fast and Efficient Service".  We offer "FREE Consultation" and are available 7 Days a Week.

We do Condominium Document Reviews

Alberta, Canada - British Columbia, Canada - Arizona, USA - Hawaii, USA

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